The Model LK2 Needle Fitting Lubrication Kit was designed to be a cost effective solution to lubrication problems on today's aircraft. In many cases, access to lube fittings with conventional lube equipment requires complex disassembly. The LK2's unique design allows technicians to choose and assemble the unit using various length tubes and angle tips. Unlike other kits, tip replacement is as easy as screwing in a new unit. Tips and extension tubes are available individually.
We are a specialty distributor of lubricants, greases, oils, cleaners, degreasers, solvents, sealants, corrosion preventives, Hydraulic fluids, anti-seize compounds, adhesives, specialty tapes and other aviation consumable materials. The company also manufactures and distributes a line of specialty grease needles.

ACI-LubeCo distributes a full line of lubrication equipment for the Aviation, Automotive and Industrial industries. We are an authorized distributor for Macnaught USA and Zee-Line. ACI-LubesCo prides itself in offering the finest in lubricants and application Equipment in the Industry.

Our Guide to Military Specifications Catalog for Avaitions Consumable Materials Is a handy book that summarizes and cross references Lubricants, Sealers, Solvents, Cleaners and Corrosion Preventatives in an easy-to-follow format to aid in technicians, purchasing personnel & instructors who want more information on the composition intended use, storage life, and precautions for specified consumable materials.

ACI Lube Co prides itself in offering the avition industry the finest in lubricants and lubrication supplies.

We evaluate each of our products for quality and function. We also understand the importance of using the products, which are recommended by the aircraft manufacture and compliance with regulations. We specialize in solutions to consumable material problems. We understand your need to purchase specialty greases and equipment in manageable quantities at reasonable prices. All of our products we sell are selected from leading manufactures which meet or exceed specifications.

One-Stop For All Your Lubricant Needs

ACI Lubes Co is the market leader in distributing high-value lubricants, oils, cleaners, greases, chemicals, and other lubricating products for the aviation industry!

Leading the aviation industry, we only offer the finest in lubricants and lubrication supplies. We carefully evaluate every product for quality assurance. We completely understand the significance our products hold as most of them are recommended by airplane manufacturers. We are an authorized distributor for Macnaught USA and Zee-Line. All of our products meet the compliance with regulations while also meeting or exceeding your Aircraft needs. Thus, only selling the finest in lubricants and application Equipment in the aviation Industry.

What We Offer


Our Aviation engine lubricants are designed to keep your engines moving under a wide range of operating temperatures. Machining lubricants reduce friction by making sure that there is no metal-to-metal contact. As long as the oil film remains sealed, all the metallic friction is quickly replaced by the internal fluid friction of the lubricant, keeping friction and wear to a minimum

Lubrication Equipment

ACI LubesCO provides the finest cost-effective solution for Aviation equipment lubrication. Our lubricant equipment solutions handle critical functions in jet engines. The most important is removing and absorbing heat from bearings. Heat is transferred from the lubricant equipment to the fuel, which heats the fuel while cooling the lubricant. Our lubrication dispensing equipment is responsible for this fuel-to-oil heat exchange. This exchange is very important as the fuel tanks on airplanes are regularly exposed to extremely cold temperatures at high altitudes.

Hydraulic Fluids

Virtually every aircraft makes use of some hydraulically powered components which need Hydraulic oil to operate. In a simple or general aviation system, hydraulic oil is used in providing pressure to activate the wheel brakes. But in larger and more complex airplanes, the use of hydraulic oil is more common in all hydraulically powered components.


Our aircraft solvents and chemicals are used by many commercial carriers worldwide to keep the aircraft surface clean and safe, both from the inside and out. Our aviation solvents do not harm the paint coating of the airplane while keeping the surface clean and shiny.


Greasing your Aircraft machinery is probably one of the most important tasks that you should look after. Because of improper greasing, your airplane machinery might have a shorter life span than usual. Our grease won't only keep your jet engines running smoothly; it'll also improve their efficiency and their life span.


Our degreaser is designed to remove oils, grease, cutting fluids, handling soils, fingerprints, corrosion inhibitors and other contaminants common in stamping, assembly, other types of metal fabrication, motor repairs, airplane hangars, refineries, and other applications. Degreasers go by several names, including ultrasonic cleaners, maintenance cleaner, and automotive cleaners.

Lubricant Specialists

Citizens of USA who choose ACI lubes as their Aviation lubricant distributor benefit from our extensive industry expertise. Our dedicated team of specialists are professionals at recommending the right products to improve fuel efficiency, reduce costly breakdowns, and minimize the overall cost of operating airplanes while achieving optimum productivity goals.