Cleaners / Degreasers

What Is Degreaser?

To simply say, a degreaser is a cleaner that is designed to remove oils, grease, cutting fluids, handling soils, fingerprints, corrosion inhibitors and other contamination common in stamping, assembly, other types of metal fabrication, motor repairs, aero plane hangars, refineries and many other applications. Degreasers go by several names, including ultrasonic cleaners, maintenance cleaner and automotive cleaners.

The Purpose of Cleaners And Degreasers

The main purpose for a degreaser and a cleaner is to remove the unwanted soil quickly, avoiding as much scrubbing and wiping as possible. Degreasing solvents are typically packaged as an aerosol for convenience. All aerosols have the additional advantage of providing a powerful spray that is enough to penetrate even the toughest and densest of greases and soils.

Why Do You Need An Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner?

There are many degreaser and cleaners available as it depends on your use. If you own large machinery then going for an ultrasonic cleaner for industrial purposes might be your best option, as they protect your machinery from dirt, dust, grease and other oxidation contamination that might cause overheating, corrosion, and increase electrical resistance in high contact areas. All degreasers and cleaners are capable of cleaning of oil, grease, oxides from your machinery which may include:

  • Motors and transformers
  • Metal and fiber optic cable splices
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Meters/measurement devices
  • Electronics and electrical equipment

Ultrasonic and vapor degreasers are required when you go for more automated cleaning.

Different Between a Contact Cleaner And a Degreaser

Degreasers are capable of removing grease, oil and other spoils from your machinery. While a contact cleaner does exactly the same, but it is made especially for electrical equipment. A contact cleaner which is also called an electrical cleaner, electrical contact cleaner, switch cleaner and battery terminal cleaner (automotive industry) is capable of removing contamination from all switches, electrical contacts, the conductive extensions of connectors, and other electronic and electrical components with movable surface contacts. If you are looking to buy a degreaser or cleaner, then you've come to the right place as ACI Lubes Co has plenty of high-quality ultrasonic cleaners on sale.

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