Greasing your machinery isn't considered a task by most maintenance departments, and that is why most machines break down sooner than usual because they weren't appropriately greased as applying lubricating grease on your machines could improve their efficiency along with their life span.

Difference Between Oil And Grease

Most people confuse grease with oil but, trust us; there is a huge difference between both. Grease performs the same function as oil, which is lubricating the machinery, but it is much thicker. Therefore, it lasts long. So, grease is a better choice for those hard to reach places inside machinery that might be more expensive to lubricate on a regular basis. If you own large machinery, then buying grease in bulk might be a wise option as the cost goes down when you purchase in bulk.

Benefits Of Applying Grease

A thick coating of grease can also serve as a layer of protection for your equipment as it catches dust and other particles before they reach the inner side of your machinery. If you are applying grease yourself, then you need to know where it needs to go and where not. Seasons should be taken into consideration when applying grease, such as in wet or rainy season grease will protect your equipment from rust, when its cold, the viscosity of grease should be lighter due to low temperature and when its summer, the viscosity should be dense as a light grease coat may melt away due to high temperatures. Military-Grade Grease Every machine needs greasing, that's why there is military-grade grease as well known as mil g 23827 or Aeroshell Grease. As the name suggests, this grease is used in military aircraft.

How Often Does Machinery Needs Greasing?

When you buy a machine, the manufacturer's instructions suggest that you should grease the machine weekly or even monthly, depending on the usage. But, personal experience has a different story to tell, ACI Lubes Co recommends that you grease your machine every day and if required, a few times during the same day so your machine could have an extended life while staying in perfect shape. You can make the job of greasing easier by buying grease guns and tube grease cases, as they allow you to reach those spots which you can't without these tools. Greasing might not seem an exciting task but lubricating your machine with grease every now and then will improve its performance. Thus, adding value to your business. If you plan to buy grease, then you're at the right place we ACI Lubes Co has a wide range of greases available.

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