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Lubrication - Lifeline Of Airplane Machinery

Aviation engine lubricants are designed to keep your engines moving under a wide range of operating temperatures. Machining lubricants reduce friction by making sure that there is no metal-to-metal contact. As long as the oil film remains unbroken, all the metallic friction is quickly replaced by the internal fluid friction of the lubricant, keeping friction and wear to a minimum. If you are having second thoughts about the benefits of a high-quality engineered custom lubricant, then keep on reading. ACI Lubes Co will provide you with all the reasons why aviation lubricants are vital to your aircraft machines.

Major Functions of Lubricants in Aviation Engines

The primary purpose of ECL (engineered custom lubricants) is to reduce the friction in an aviation engine. It is also responsible for keeping the engine cool by transferring the heat from the engine to the fuel. Apart from that, it also keeps the engine clean while keeping the seals intact, which helps fight rust and corrosion in jet engines. Airplanes that are used infrequently need the rust and corrosion that good aviation lubricants can provide. Aircrafts that are mostly parked in the hanger have a high potential for rust and corrosion, along with other downtime problems. The more consistently and frequently an airplane is flown, the easier it is to properly lubricate and maintain it.

Benefits Of Using A Lubricant In Aviation Engines

All jet engine oils have one purpose in common - they all keep the engine clean by removing varnishes, sludge, and grunge accumulation on plugs, oil pans, or on the screen. But an aviation lubricant not only keeps your aircraft clean, but it also maintains a clean ring belt area along with better control of the combustion process. Because those rings are able to move at optimum speed, your jet engine has better ring seal, operates at higher efficiencies, produces less blow-by, and, most importantly, consumes less fuel. A dirty ring belt will restrain the movement of the rings inside the grooves, and they won't be sealed. This could generate pressure between the cylinder wall and the ring face - leading to scarring, wear, or scuffing. Thus, making aviation lubrication extremely important for airplanes. ACI Lubes Co has a variety of lubricants that can help you in avoiding downtime so that your airplane and business can reach new heights.

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