MacNaught K 40

MacNaught K 40



K40 (14.5 oz) The Levergun is a high quality, lever action grease gun manufactured for professional use. Designed for high pressure, high volume greasing, this classic gun can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples.


two hand operation optional range of couplers and extensions available fully repairable 5 year warranty (conditions apply) 10 year parts availability Specifications

wetted components: aluminium, steel and nitrile rubber output: up to 10,000psi 1.5gms per shot filler/bleeder nipple: 1/4" BSP (M) Handles up to and including NLGI No.2 greases supplied complete with 6.7" rigid extension and KY coupler. Can be filled by bulk, cartridge or the J2 Grease Pump.