Mobil Oil Corp.

Mobil Oil Corp.
Not all lubricants and greases are created equally. There are those that may meet acceptable standards, but they miss the mark when it comes to providing the protection and OEM requirements of manufactured equipment. Mobil Industrial formulates highly-effective mineral and synthetic-oil products which are developed through ongoing research and by closely working with today's leading industrial equipment manufacturers.

By staying in touch with machinery trends and specific lubrication requirements, Mobil engineers and researchers develop products that meet the performance standards needed in even the harshest and most extreme industrial environments. The Mobil goal is problem-free operation and increased productivity for customers.

ACI Lubes offers a wide selection of Mobil lubricants and Mobil greases that provide excellent chemical stability and oxidation resistance, in a range of viscosity and NLGI penetration grades. They are available in 55-gallon drums or 35-pound pails. We also offer Mobil Polyrex Em Grease and Mobil Grease #28 cartridges in cases of 10, and Mobil Aviation Synthetic Greases in 120-pound kegs.

Our inventory includes premium products such as Mobil DTE for steam and hydro turbine sets, and Mobil Vaxtra slideway lubricant specifically designed for precision machine tools. The Mobil high-level lubricants and greases have reputations for long life which will extend your regreasing intervals and protect against daily wear-and-tear.
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