Manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries must follow strict guidelines with regard to upkeep and cleaning of their machinery, and the industrial lubricants used to maintain equipment are required to be FDA compliant.

In the past, the lubrication solutions available on the market met FDA compliance regulations but failed to offer the equipment protection needed for high-volume production manufacturing.

Anderol, a chemical company established in 1941, developed high-performance specialty lubricants such as Anderol 465 and Anderol 555, and effective lubricants that not only meet HACCP food safety standards but also outperform other food-grade lubricants. In addition, Anderol manufactures high-performance specialty lubricants, and synthetic lubricant base fluids, and is considered a pioneer in its development of synthetic fluids for the aviation industry.

ACI Lubes carries a large selection of Anderol specialty lubricants, including a variety of products that focus on air and gas displacement. Our Royco/Anderol inventory includes a wide variety of lubricants and greases that are ISO or ISO 150 viscosity grade, such as those required for reciprocating compressors that process natural gas, carbon dioxide, and other gases, and require minimal interaction between the lubricant and the process gas. These lubricants and greases are available by the case in 14 oz. tubes, 1-quart sizes, or 6.5 pound-cans as well as 5-gallon pails, or 55-gallon drums.
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