We're from the Pacific Northwest...Victoria actually. The capital of our province. Situated on the southern tip of an island off the west coast (wet coast) of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Out here we know about weather, the outdoors and corrosion.

The thing about our products is, they just work. Really well. It's about as simple as that. We hear words like "incredible", "fantastic", "better than anything I've tried" all the time. So, we've put together a few things; customer quotes, pictures, etc. in the hopes we can communicate that simple message. We hope it works.

"I recommend Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial to anyone for corrosion proofing…in my experience there is no better…it’s worth it“ Robert Lodge, Mckay Lodge Conservation laboratory, Oberlin, OH

Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films are high performance dielectric (40,000v), anti-corrosion, penetrant, anti-sieze and lubricant coatings that cure to form dynamic, non-hardening, dripless and self-healing film that:

Displaces/ repels moisture Adheres like a "magnet to steel" Shuts down corrosion and electrolysis 100% Ship-2-Shore fluid films were developed in the early 1960’s as a solution to severe corrosion problems on mining equipment, electrical systems and steel cables used in the copper mining industry of Northern Ontario, Canada.

Because they worked so well and lasted so long, Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial were quickly adopted by the marine industry on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America to protect marine electronics, vessels, barges and deck equipment from constant corrosive attack of the extreme Northwest Pacific Ocean and coastal conditions.

Rising demand from customers around North America encouraged us to make Ship-2-Shore wet films more easily available in the USA. For USA customers, product now ships from California.