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We are a specialty distributor of lubricants, greases, oils, cleaners, degreasers, solvents, sealants, corrosion preventives, Hydraulic fluids, anti-seize compounds, adhesives, specialty tapes and other aviation consumable materials. The company also manufactures and distributes a line of specialty grease needles. ACI-LubeCo distributes a full line of lubrication equipment for the Aviation, Automotive and Industrial industries. We are an authorized distributor for Macnaught USA and Zee-Line. ACI-LubesCo prides itself in offering the finest in lubricants and application Equipment in the Industry.

Our Guide to Military Specifications Catalog for Avaitions Consumable Materials
Is a handy book that summarizes and cross references Lubricants, Sealers, Solvents, Cleaners and Corrosion Preventatives in an easy-to-follow format to aid in technicians, purchasing personnel & instructors who want more information on the composition intended use, storage life, and precautions for specified consumable materials.

ACI Lube Co prides itself in offering the avition industry the finest in lubricants and lubrication supplies.
We evaluate each of our products for quality and function. We also understand the importance of using the products, which are recommended by the aircraft manufacture and compliance with regulations. We specialize in solutions to consumable material problems. We understand your need to purchase specialty greases and equipment in manageable quantities at reasonable prices. All of our products we sell are selected from leading manufactures which meet or exceed specifications.

ACI Lube Co, 7960 Kentucky Dr Florence, KY 41042 Toll Free: 1-800-676-6696

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