Our wide range of products includes hand and air operated grease guns and pumps, hand and air operated oil pumps, oil and grease control guns, oil and fuel meters, heavy-duty auto rewind hose reels, positive displacement flowmeters, and an extensive range of accessories to suit all these items.

High quality commercial products are designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial and automotive markets as well as unique products for the agricultural, mining, aviation and marine industries. Macnaught’s ingenuity and product quality ensure that expensive plants and equipment suffer minimal downtime.

Each manual greasing system is designed for powerful, professional greasing to offer a cost effective solution for all workshop-greasing requirements. Highly portable, manual greasing systems are designed for use both in workshop environments and for on site applications. Pistol grip grease guns incorporate a unique variable stroke operation to reach high greasing pressures from short strokes and high greasing volumes from full strokes. A high quality, lever action grease gun is manufactured for professional use, designed for high pressure, high volume greasing, this classic gun can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples. An air-operated grease gun provides the convenience of portability with effortless air operation and the gun operates with low air consumption, making it the ideal tool for use with trucks and buses utilizing the air brake compressor.

Diesel, gasoline, kerosene and lubricating oil pumps are built for very harsh working conditions and ideal for most types of fuel transfer operations when an economical and durable pump is required. Economical rotary vane pumps are designed to reliably dispense various types of lubricating oils and fuels from drums. Perfect for use with drums and tanks, through pipelines, and for transferring fluid over distance through one or multiple hose reels and meter/gun dispensing systems, Macnaught offers a pump to suit almost any fluid transfer application.

Reliable electronic digital turbine flow meters for the measurement of fuels are ideal for the use with Macnaught’s range of hand operated and electric fuel pumps, or can be installed in an in-line meter application. Used to measure diesel, kerosene and Gasoline and offering exceptional repeatability and high accuracy over a wide range of viscosities and flow rates, they offer corrosion resistant aluminum with easy to read mechanical registers that can be easily field-calibrated.

RETRACTA® AUTO REWIND HOSE REELS is the lightweight and robust market leader in non-metal auto-rewind hose reel systems. The reels are the perfect answer to hose storage problems, and the wide range of models allows the reel to be used in any industrial work environment. Weather resistant, high impact UV stabilized polypropylene shell and safe storage system keeps hoses off the floor with many models available to suit almost any liquid or gas application. Our range of heavy-duty hose reels are ideal for any work environment where reliability, strength and additional hose length is required.

Macnaught also leads the world in Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flowmeter technology with our M Series product range. With sizes ranging from 1/8” to 4” and a full range of accessories and instrumentation, this range covers a wide variety of markets and applications. Full service distribution in over 60 countries guarantees technical support is never far away.
MacNaught P8-11  Maxi-Lube
Starting At: $875.00
MacNaught K7 - (K6)  Mini-lube
Starting At: $200.00
MacNaught P6TR Maxi-Lube
Starting At: $695.00
MacNaught J 2
Starting At: $175.00
MacNaught K 40
Starting At: $55.00
MacNaught K54
Starting At: $150.00
MacNaught J2B Bucket Pump
Starting At: $225.00
MacNaught ACK2 aviation kit
Starting At: $375.00
MacNaught C7 oil pump
Starting At: $100.00
MacNaught C11 gear oil pump
Starting At: $225.00
MacNaught C16 suction gun
Starting At: $35.00
MacNuaght (S20H) spring loaded pump (5 US gallon)
MacNuaght (S20H) spring loaded pump (5 US gallon)
S20H • oil pump 20 litre (5 US gallon)
Starting At: $195.00